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Commitment to the 2020 corona crisis.

During the spring, we have donated SEK 500,000 to various organizations that are currently fighting the corona in one way or another.

The Red Cross (Sweden, Norway, Denmark & ​​Finland)

We decided to donate SEK 50,000 to the Red Cross organizations in the Nordic region as a starting shot at our Foundation during COVID-19. We hope that these contributions help in a good way.

The rescue mission Gothenburg

Many homeless people in Gothenburg are extra vulnerable during these times and do not have the opportunity to wash their hands several times a day. Thanks to the Rescue Mission, they were able to make small kits with water, soap and paper that they brought with them when they picked up their morning coffee at one of the cafes in town that offers free coffee every day. The opportunity to wash your hands and stay clean now became much easier.

Thank you, Maria and Lars, for your tip!

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We are happy to be able to help the Swedish healthcare system that is facing a national crisis and needs all the help it can get. WeFightCovid mobilizes individuals and companies to support Swedish healthcare to fight the coronavirus. The situation is serious, and everyone can help with things like transport, lunch boxes, protective equipment etc.

Thank you, Anders, for your tip!

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We chose to support BRIS in these times when many children who are vulnerable become even more vulnerable. BRIS fights every day for a better society for children. Calls to BRIS have increased by 30 percent during the corona and calls to domestic violence have increased by 50 percent. If we can help contribute to more curators being hired to be there for these children, we are more than happy to do so.

Thank you, Jonas and Helena, for your tip!

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Her House

Violence in close relationships risks increasing when families are forced to isolate themselves at home due to Corona. The pressure on women’s shelters and shelters increased in connection with this and that was when Her House was started. We are happy to be able to help assist women’s shelters with accommodation via Her House and Nordic Choice in case these become overcrowded.

Thank you, Marika and Jonas, for your tip!

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SOS Children’s Villages Finland

When everyone was quarantined in Finland, children and young people had to stay at home and study at a distance. The children who live in families where they are exposed to physical and psychological violence find it difficult, so SOS children’s villages are there to help the kids.

Thanks, Kirsi for your tip!

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The women’s shelter Österåker

Violence in close relationships risks increasing when families are forced to isolate themselves at home due to Corona. The women’s shelter in Österåker will be a security you can turn to if needed.

Thanks, Mattias for your tip!

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Blue Cross

Many children who have been forced to be isolated with alkalized parents are in a terrible difficult situation. Blue Cross Norway is fighting extra hard in these times to be able to help in all possible ways to support these children.

Thanks, Espen for your tip!

Stockholm City Rescue Mission

The business was restructured to be able to help its visitors in the best possible way. Elderly people who could no longer come to eat in St. Paul were instead helped with home delivery, lunch boxes and food bags distributed. It is important that we care for each other.

Thank you, Johan and Julia, for your tip!

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Gothenburg City Mission

The Corona virus has affected many of the visitors hard. Some live very crowded or cannot afford to buy lunch for their children who are home from school are extra vulnerable. The city mission is there and helps in the best way by driving home food bags, the daily bread distribution now takes place outdoors and lunch boxes are distributed to those who cannot go into St. John’s Church and eat.

Thank you, Lars, for your tip!

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Young Norway

Children and young people living in poverty in Norway have extra difficulty in this vulnerable situation when schools were closed. During Easter, they helped with packed lunches and Easter eggs for the children. And to only be there as a support for those who need both by phone or chat.

Thank you, Elisabeth, for your tip!

Quarter house

Many elderly people are isolated due to corona and to help them, a bicycle has been bought so they can cycle out with food. They have also done outdoor activities for the elderly who need to get out and move around a bit.

Thanks, Sébastien for your tip!

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People Help

In May, a telephone and online line was opened for counseling for vulnerable families and children who are experiencing difficulties in everyday life due to the pandemic. They also provide other help and support during these difficult times.

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