How you submit interest

This is how easily you can get involved

1. Submit interest

Submit an expression of interest with brief information about the organisation you want to help.

2. We contact you

We contact you and discuss how together we could help the organisation.

3. Selection

The VINCI Foundation selects the projects that will be supported in 2021 and supports the employees who are involved.

Submit interest

Important dates

January 1

We open for applications. All employees can submit their expressions of interest.

March 31

Registration closes. We will get in touch with you who have sent in tips.


The projects start.

Organisations we are looking for

VINCI looks broadly at how organisations can improve society. This year we are focusing on organisations that can help people into work. This means a lot more than just employment intermediaries It includes initiatives that contribute tutoring, self-confidence-building interventions, support for entrepreneurship and much more.

Are you unsure if the organisation you want to support meets the criteria? Submit an expression of interest and together we can explore how VINCI can support your cause.

How you can get involved

There are many ways to get involved in helping people into work. Below we list some examples to get you thinking.

Example 1


You are perhaps an IT technician who wants to help Mattecentrum with better equipment. The VINCI Foundation could then make a financial contribution towards buying new computers, which you then install and help students get started with.

Example 2

Entrepreneurship helps people from all backgrounds into entrepreneurship. You as a business developer could organise a series of lectures for the members. The VINCI Foundation helps with premises and equipment, so that the experience will be as good as possible.

Example 3

Self-confidence building interventions

Pink Programming supports girls who want to start programming. If you have coding skills, you can get involved as a volunteer and teacher. The VINCI Foundation can contribute towards the cost of a coding camp where members can learn during the summer holidays.

Example 4

Language help

Do you speak several languages and want to help others learn Swedish so they are able to get a foot in the labour market? Then you can get involved in Buddy Sweden, an organisation that brings together new and established Swedes.

Example 5


Many people move to Sweden with considerable knowledge of a working areas, but without the opportunity to get a foot into the labour market. Through the organisation Nema Problema you can become a mentor to someone who has the motivation, but needs some advice along the way.

Example 6

Something completely different

The idea of the VINCI Foundation is that the initiatives should come from the employees of VINCI, so see these examples as thought-provokers. The most important thing is that it takes place through a non-profit organisation and that you want to involve yourself with time or knowledge.

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