About VINCI Foundation

Fondation VINCI pour la Cité, was formed in 2002 and supports non-profit initiatives that promote the social and professional integration of the most vulnerable people in society. The Foundation encourages local initiatives where the VINCI companies operate. This reflects the Group’s desire to be a long-term partner for the citizens and communities for whom they design, build and manage infrastructure and numerous facilities. VINCI’s foundations provide support: financial support and grants with expertise from the VINCI company’s employees.

Issues we engage in

The VINCI Foundation has four explicit issues that we support in countries where we have a presence. In the Nordic countries we have chosen to focus on the area of “Access to Employment”. This means that employees in our companies can, among other things, get financial help for organisations that are trying to make it easier for people to get into work.

Access to employment

We support organisations that promote access to employment and training.

Priority neighborhoods

We help initiatives that promote communication and broaden horizons in priority neighborhoods.

Inclusive mobility

We work with initiatives that promote the movement of people who are facing social or professional exclusion.

Integration through housing

We encourage interested parties to help vulnerable people obtain and live in housing.

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